Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So lucky...

I've just spent a lovely hour in bed with Mistress R, which included a lovely orgasm for her and a wonderful session of teasing for me... I am so, so lucky. I love cuddling up to her afterwards, kissing her and just feeling her close to me, I could have stayed there all night... ah well, just four more days until Saturday. I do hope Mistress calls on my services before then though...
And what of Saturday, I see that the 'Ruined Orgasm' option is creeping up in the poll now, but I still remain convinced only 3 of you are going to be getting your wish. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe Mistress R is starting to think of extending my denial? It was a surprise when she pushed it back a week, so what's to stop her doing it again?
Maybe she'll go the whole session letting me believe I'm going to be allowed to cum, then ruin my orgasm and then make me wait another month! Ooooh, that's evil and hot!
Well, maybe not just yet, but give it a few more months... and who knows. I never dreamed Mistress R would make me wait this long, although of course I wanted her to (and much more!), and it definitely seems to be making both of us very, very happy, so why not?

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